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Full Name: Random Chaos Macawber

Nicknames "Dommy," "KaosDrgn," his code name in Future Ones "Death-San"  there is a  long story behind that one

Age: 18, does sometimes look older though

Occupation  Son, Prince of the Demon-Verse, Young Lord of the South-East Kingom, Official title in Future Ones; Warlock

Voice: Batty from "Blade Runner" A broken speech with an odd accent.

Childhood: From birth to 5 he was much like a normal mortal child. He was able to do some little demon magic but nothing out of the usual even for a demon child. At the age of five he was kidnapped by a Child Stealer Demon that wanted revenge on his father, Cryptic. The Child Stealer Demon was only one demon in a large plan to get back at Cryptic. Two shape shifters were in this plan too, along with a ruler of one of the demon kingdoms that did not like Cryptic's laws. One of the first things they did to Random was to make him not trust his parents anymore so he wouldn't try to escape to home. The two shape shifters took a form of Annelle and Cryptic to do this. During that time is how Random got the scars on his back. Random for most of the time was in a textile factory in the Demon-Verse that had child labor. This is how Random got his good sewing skills. From there he was moved around to many places to experience other things to drive him insane. Random was brainwashed to distrust everyone, even his parents. Many traumatizing things happened to him, sending him to be insane and filled with rage. 

Early Adulthood (Present): At sixteen he finally got home, but only for a moment. He didn't feel like he belonged. He was still under the impression he wasn't wanted. He left even before Annelle and Cryptic could see him. But Reed, son of Cryptic's little dragon Ripley, did see him and followed him, becoming Random's familiar though at first Random wasn't wanting one.  For a year Random wandered and then finally snapped violently, but then was stopped by Forrest and sent to the past where he found a home in St. Canards sewers and then later ran into his parents in the past, not really knowing what to make of this development he lurked following them around unseen a lot. He still is slowly overcoming his fear of them that was brainwashed into his mind. He has joined Future Ones though he loathes it with a passion, but still sticks around for reasons he doesn't know. 

Adulthood (Future): In his mid twenties though the emotional scars of what  happened to  him would never go away, Random is more controlled and sane. He makes a great King of the Demon-Verse with qualities he got from both his parents and his experiences. Being an Omni Demon it is almost guaranteed that he will live forever and go to ideity status, which is the closest a flesh and blood being can come to being a god. At a moments notice he can go back to his 'insane' mode to battle with good reason.

Other Notes: He has a  familiar, Reed, who in many ways acts the opposite of Random, being cheery and trusting. He likes Cryptic and Anne despite the brainwashing. Forrest was also a friend of his when he was little, and has a deep
respect for him, even more than he has for his parents, since the people that brainwashed him neglected to make him
distrust Forrest too. He also seems to have a bond with his childhood friend Bonnie, Negaduck's and Charlotte's daughter. He also relates to Negaduck though shows distrust in him. He is known to call Negaduck "Grandfather Id" on occasions. This is from the psychologist Freud who said a person is made up of Ego, the neutral side, Super Ego, the very nice side, and the Id, which is the evil side. He has called people this instead of Normal-Verser, Posi-Verser, and Nega-Verser. As of right now he does not understand how powerful he is and is unable to comprehend that he is Prince of the Demon-Verse. From experience he is more trusting of children than adults. He really likes Jet from Future SHUSH though he doesn't openly show it.

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