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Full Name: Cryptic Von  Macawber

Nicknames "Crypt," "Little Prince," by Anubis when he was young. "Not you again!" Isn't really a nickname but is the first thing that comes out of McCawber's and Morbidson's mouthes when they see him.

Age: 21 in looks but really over 1000. His demeinor even though he looks 21 many mortals can see him as older,  by their terms 30.

Occupation  Husband, Father,  True King Of the Demon-Verse, Lord of the South-East Kingdom, Warlock. 

Voice: Billy Zane. Expecally him in The Crypt Keepers "Demon Knight"

Childhood: Cryptic then never knew his mother growing up, his father, Tombar, had told him that she left him as a baby for Tombar to raise. Cryptic had an older half sister, Gravela, her mother had died when she was little. Cryptic and her were close though grew apart on good terms. When Cryptic was ten he started to be filled with his own goals and view of life different from his father's. This upset Tombar because he expected his son to be a carbon copy of him. When Cryptic was twelve Rene Morbidson told Tombar that Cryptic wasn't his child but really was a demon's. Tombar strangely accepted this as truth even though Morbidsons were sworn enemies of Macawbers. Cryptic then was thrown out of the family followed by Rene trying to kill him. Luckly he met up with Macawb Macawber, the forefather of the Macawber family that was thrown out a long time ago for being a vampire and killing some of this family even though he couldn't control what he did at the time.

Early Adulthood: Cryptic was taught Swordfighitng ans Chivery by who he now called Grandfather Macawber.

Adulthood to Present: Annelle had only just begun to find real peace when her cousin Lily invited her to visit the Greenhouse. Feeling that this was a perfect opportunity for a change, Annelle accepted, quit her job, and headed for St. Canard. Her first evening at the Bushroots' home, a late caller arrived to see Bushroot. His name was Cryptic Von Macawber, and Annelle, who had never given much thought to love at first sight, became an instant believer. Cryptic apparently experienced the same, but it took some time for them to overcome their fears and express their feelings for one another. Their marriage took place soon after, and Annelle is now expecting their first child. Nellie also has developed a close bond with Negaduck, first thinking of him as a friend, then a cousin, and finally, what she needed most--a father.

Other Notes: In my opinion, Nellie is, in many ways, the most intriguing of the three Reed cousins. As is plain by her tan feathers and brown markings, Nellie is a full-blooded mallard. She thinks nothing of it when in Hennessee, but in large cities such as St. Canard, where most feathers are pure white, she can be a little self-conscious. Annelle also has the distinction of being the first Reed girl to capture the heart of royalty (Charlotte being the second, since Negaduck is the Lord of the Negaverse). Cryptic is the rightful king of a parallel universe called the Demon-Verse, making Annelle his queen, a role which she has undertaken quite well considering her youth and lack of experience. Her physical skills have reached an all-time high, adding swordplay to her other abilities. Since her relationship with Cryptic began, she has been stabbed twice and nearly killed in other ways, slain both a demon and a vampire, and been through many more adventures that would make the folks back home faint. Another interesting point is the fact that Annelle and Cryptic have already met their son, Random Chaos Macawber. He hails from nearly twenty years in the future and has become stuck in this time. He is a troubled young man and rarely speaks, but what Cryptic and Annelle have discovered of his past has revealed that more tragedy awaits them. Through all this, though, Nellie remains firm in her belief that somehow things will turn out all right, no matter what. Her love for Random and devotion to Cryptic are consuming, and she would think nothing of laying down her life for either of them, or for anyone else she loves. She'll deny that she's very strong inside, but in truth, Nellie has become an incredibly strong young woman likely to survive just about anything. Annelle is the most outspoken of the cousins; you're going to hear what she has to say whether you want to or not. Her emotions climb to the highest joys and plunge to the deepest sorrows; she also possesses the hottest temper, and, despite her self-consciousness, she is prone to being the proudest. When emotions, tongue, temper, and pride come together, the results are no less than a conflagration, and the effects aren't always beneficial. More than anyone, Nellie has to keep herself in careful check, especially when dealing with Demon-Versers. So far, she's doing very well. Queen Annelle has come a long way.

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