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Hello Everyone, I am Cryptic Von Macawber and I'll be you host this beutiful evening. What may I do to make your stay a pleasant one?

Sing me a Song

The Lone Macawber/|\Page 2

I can't draw but these people can;Guest Art

Hear my voice

M'Lady's page ::Smiles::

Rene Morbidson, My worst enemy.

Like all Macawber/McCawber's I have a slight obbession with Death

Anubis's Page My head royal guard, second in command, and best friend.

Le Femme CharactersMade by Gremlyn(CP's sister) Thanks for the picture Lily!

Finally Links!!!

What I plan to have soon

More voice wavs
Another Chapter for the fic - Working on it
Write more for M'Lady's page!- Working on it
A Demon-Verse Page!- I'm working on it!!!!
The Future Ones- a project I'm working on with Ka-Tessa

Back to the Quack Place

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

I shamefully sent this flower to myself. I have no life. . .Um . .it was Ripley's idea . .yeah . .Dragons like plants.
::Ripley Swacks as if to say "What the heck are you talking about"::
Hush you . . .