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" Your dead meat, your dead meat, your dead meat, your.
Your dead meat, your dead meat, your dead meat, your.
Your dead meat from the former days.
I am your crisis, blue asbestos in your veins. I'm your broken fingers.
I've killed you twice I will again.
Revenge is eager
See first you'll crash then you'll burn.

Your dead meat formaldehyde, didn't phase me.
I soon returned to track you down, for your confession.
I'll be your poison and your pain,
I'll be your struggle to be sane.
Exploited, lament and the places you never went.

I'm doing you in tomorrow,
that's why i'm dressed in all this sorrow.
I'm doing you in tomorrow, I'll burn before I mellow."
~Bush, Dead Meat

Here is a few reasons not to like Rene. I will have a profile for him soon

'Killed' Cryptic six times
Was the cause of Macawb getting killed
Killed three women Cryptic cared for at different periods of time
Paralized Cryptic cousin, Divine, from the waist down
Had Cryptic kicked out of the Macawber/McCawber family
After Cryptic was gone casted a spell over the family so he would control them
Got Cryptic in trouble for what he did several times

Is that song something Rene would say about Cryptic or Cryptic say about Rene. It's your choice . . .