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Name: Cryptic Von Macawber
Gender: Male
Age: looks 21, is about 1000
Affiliation: Negotiable, leaning towards good.
Appearance: Cryptic has a bit past shoulder length, silky, blue hair, that he usually wears loose. Is sometimes seen with it back in a pony tail. His bangs puff out a bit from his face. His eyes are red but not evil looking. His feather color is a ghostly white. Cryptic's beak is black, which is quite unusual. He's about 5'10ish and has a slight, slim, rather athletic build, He's not particularly strong, rather built for speed. Though his upper arms are quite muscular from fighting with heavy Medieval swords. He is half demon, and has black scales under his white feathers. the black scales can be seen glising through his white feathers when wet and in extreme sunlight. Two things Cryptic tries to stay way from.

Disguising Marks: On left upper arm has a black tattoo of an Egyptian symbol for eternal life (Anku) with a 5 point witchcraft star inside the circle. Other his heart on the right side of his chest he has a broken up X shaped scar that shows some of his black scales under his white feathers. It’s from the one time he was staked in the heart when he was mistakened for being a vampire. He always finds an excuse for not showing the scar. He would wear a shirt to the beach to cover it. Cryptic’s blood is purple. His blood used to be a normal red but when he hit 18 it changed due to his demon genes. Demons on the other hand have blue blood. He also has retractable cat like claws on his fingers. Lastly, he has black scaly dragon wings that he keeps hidden under his cape or wrapped around under his shirt when not wearing a cape.

Attire: Medieval clothing. Usually grey pants and shirt with a wine red vest with a black cape that is clipped to the side by a gold clasp that red and blue design to it. He may also wear a all black medieval suit, that is easy to move in for fighting and ::cough:: Thieving. It includes a short half cape that comes down to his waist and a hood. He does wear modern cloths when going out in public. they usually contain a vest and the colors Black, Red, Blue, and sometimes Green. His pajamas are black flannel with pockets and large collar made of red satin.

Weaponry: Is very good with the sword, and will fight someone with a gun with his sword even though it is an uneven advantage for Cryptic that is. He has your average Medieval Iron sword with a gold plated handle. On the handle has a braid type design with a dragon carved over it on one side.

Accent: He used to have a Translavina accent when young, which developed into a medieval english one when living with his “Grandpa” Macawb. Over the 1000 years he has been alive and when he came to the americas he picked up the plain english, but still has a Ye, Thee, and M’lady or M’lord come out once and awhile. The Thee’s and Ye’s usually come out when he is very angry and yelling.

Most likely voice actor: Collector from the movie “Demon Knight” Voice Wavs here

Most likely singing voice actor: Gavin from Bush, also on the Voice Wavs page
Personality: It’s very hard to define a personality to him. He acts different for different people. Usually acting like a unloved monster. He has a tempter, which he rarely shows. And when he is really mad at you he just stares at you and clutches his fists. He himself is a loner by nature, But not a quiet one. He can take to others. But he always has a quite not fitting in air about him. Even if he was to dye his hair a normal color and put in normal colored contacts his cautious behavior would give him away as being half demon. He is very in tune with his feelings but has a hard time sharing them. He's a good listener, and looks for someone that can listen to him. He doesn’t think he would make a good father, since his father wasn’t good to him, but Cryptic is actually a good father at heart, which shows when talking with Gosalyn or Gremilyn.

Motivations: 1. Getting rid of Rene Morbidson, his worse enemy. 2. Stealing unknown it be Magical items from normal’s museums that are too dangerous to be in there hands. This is how he gets in trouble with Darkwing Duck. 3. Teaching Gremilyn the basic’s of magic. 4. Protecting the Demon-verse, since he is the last surviving member of the Royal family there. And protect his part of the kingdom left to him, the South East territory.

History: Under construction. Read what I have so far for the story Here

Likes: The Smell of Old Spell Books, Sun Sets, Thunderstorms, Nellie, Serena, Gremilyn, Gosalyn, Ripley, All His Friends and the Old Haunt, Posi-Cryptic A.K.A. Crystal and that’s about it for now.

Dislikes: Bad Memories, Sunrises, His father, Magica De Spell, Splatter, Nega-Cryptic, Gizmo Duck, the Morbidson family, Rene Morbidson, and in some weird way himself.

"I've been alive 1000 years and I still don't get how to drive a car! God Bless Public Transportation!"
"Lets hope this works"
“Born without a friend And bound to die alone ::sigh::”

Said of Him: None yet

Other: Cryptic has a slight fear of large fans. It will be explained in my story sometime. Also, he loves Nellie. ::Smile:: And lives about an old abandoned church. Which is ironic . . . And his Familur is Ripley, a small green dragon that can shape shift

Theme Songs:
Creating a Mystery- Sarah McLaclan
I Wish I Felt Nothing- Wallflowers
Mother- Metallica
And more to come.