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My Parent's Special Code

Wing: "So, are you almost done fixing the Mask?"
(Translation: So, are we going out tonight?)
Tanya: "Yes, But, um theres still five more wires that need ta be connected"
(Translation: Yes, I'll meet you at Five O'clock.)
Wing: " Well, hows the Migrator running?"
(Translation: Well, I'll pick you up in the Migrator then.)
Tanya: "It's working fine."
(Translation: "You can pick me up in the Migrator, It's fine with me.")
Wing: "How about the puck blasters and Ice Shields?"
(Translation: "Do you want to see a movie or just go to 'Make Out Hill')
Tanya: "The puck blasters are working great, but it's going ta take a lonnnng time ta get the Ice Shields to work."
(Translation: Movie is fine but you won't be able to get me alone with you at 'Make Out Hill' till there is a ring on my finger.)
Wing: "Don't worry about fixing the Ice Shields then."
(Translation: I was joking about going to 'Make out Hill')
Tanya: "Changing the subject . . . .Do you think Dragaunus is going ta start any trouble?"
(Translation: Gesh! Well,. . . .Do you think Nosedive might crash our date like he did last time?)
Wing: "Not tonight, If he does though we'll be ready."
(Translation: My Little bro won't be able to figure out our code, so there's no worry.)
Nosedive: ::Listening from outside the door, Duke suddenly comes behind him::
Duke: "Hey! What are you hearing!"
Nosedive: "Oh, Tanya refused to go with Wing to 'Make Out Hill' . . . I mean she's not fixing the Ice Shields . . ."
Duke: "Ok, Whatever Dive . ."
(Translation: Nosedive is such a Idiot!)

This story is based upon my Big Bro in real life and his girlfriend. I KNOW WHEN YOU TWO TALK ABOUT MOTORCYCLES THERE IS A SECRET MEANING!!!! ~: )

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