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I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind
I left my body laying somewhere in the sands of time
I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon
I feel there’s nothing I can do

“Good morning there,” said Anubis as Mersades walked in to his living room. the jackal was behind the bar at the far wall busy cooking breakfast on the small stove there. A year old cat demon baby sat up in a high chair where normally a bar stool for the counter would be. “Tyke and I already ate, does scrambled eggs and bacon sound good?”

“Sure.” Mersades smiled taking a seat on the couch. Anubis watched over a pan of scrambled eggs.

“Sleep well?” asked Anubis.

Mersades nodded and Anubis smiled. “I was thinking maybe we could go in town at the city outside Cryptic’s castle today. Its not the most active place for hotspots but if you would like to go . . .”

“Sounds good” replied Mersades. Anubis found the eggs to be done and searched through the drawer blindly as he kept his eyes on the sizzling bacon in the pan. His finger hit against the sharp tip of a large fork. He pulled his hand out of the drawer and with a soft “Ow” then placed the hurt finger in his mouth a moment.

“Are you all right?” asked Mer.

“Yeah, It’s okay. It’ll heal in a second.” replied Anubis as he turned off the cooked scrambled eggs and then looked at the cut on his right hand pointer finger. His fur was damp with blood around the cut. Normally it would of healed even before blood started to come out. Anubis looked at it in strange curiosity, gently rubbing this thumb across the damp cut. It was still bleeding a bit but just damping the fur and naturally not showing the color it was.

“Um, Hun, the bacon is burning. “said ‘Cedez, breaking Anubis out of thought.

“Oops,” stated Anubis calmly as he turned off the bacon.

“Are you sure your all right?” asked Mersades.

“Yeah yeah, its nothing.” s[aid Anubis as he opened the drawer to get out the large spoon. Right next to the spoon was the fork Anubis had pricked his finger on. The middle spike on the fork was stained with a drop of red blood. Anubis looked at the cut on his finger again. It wasn’t healed yet He then quickly sent his friend a mental message

Cryptic, sense my Demon type.


Just do it.

Your a life and death Demon blend.

I know what I am, just try to sense it right now.

There was a pause.

I’m not picking it up.

“Anubis? Is something wrong.” Mer asked. Anubis looked and saw Mer right next to him. She must of moved without him noticing.

“Something weird just happened. . .” faded Anubis. Mersades looked down, noticing the fork stained with a bit of red blood.

“Isn’t demon blood supposed to be-” Mer was then interrupted by Anubis finishing her sentence.

“Blue , , yeah, and its not healing . . .” spoke Anubis as then looking at his finger deep in thought.

Anubis, I’ll be over there in a minute to check out out what is wrong


“Cryptic just told me he’ll be over in a minute to see whats wrong.” said Anubis. Mer nodded not knowing what to say. Anubis looked over at the baby a moment. Tyke seemed to have fallen asleep in the high chair. “I’m sure everything is fine, its just one of those fluke things.” spoke Anubis.

A red puff of smoke appeared, then clearing, revealing Cryptic.
"Sorry it took me so long, I was mid changing a diaper.” Cryptic smiled a little but it then faded looking at Anubis, as if already sensing his condition.

“It’s okay, I understand, so . . . .” Anubis said. Cryptic paused a moment looking at Anubis even though it looked like he was looking past him.

“I still can’t sense your demon type.” stated Cryptic.

“What does that mean?” asked Mersades.

“I can’t sense yours either.” spoke Anubis.

“It means Anubis some how changed to a mortal.” explained Cryptic. Anubis expected that to be the reason but hearing it made him feel sudden cold, as if something had been drained from him.

“You mean a demon can just become a mortal out of the blue?” asked Mersades.

“It’s very rare, but it has happened” said Anubis.

“So what do we do about this?” asked Mersades.

“It never happened to a demon so old before . .there only a few reported cases where demons under forty.” explained Cryptic. “Theoretically your body is too old to run on mortal blood. . . .”
Anubis blinked “So your saying . . . .?”

“You may not feel it now but in a month your body will fail . . probably resulting in death . . . “

“Oh no . . .” faded Mersades.

“But there is a way to change it back right? there is always a way to reverse these things.” spoke Anubis.

“Not that I know of friend . . .” sighed Cryptic, a bit of his medieval accent heard. “I’m sorry, The only way I know of is to find a young demon willing to become a mortal and go to one of the S.O.M.s to be switched. . . And I don’t think you could fine a demon willing to give up being so . . . “

“Yeah . . And I wouldn’t be a life-death demon then. I’d just be the type demon the person that gave up there demon type was.” stated Anubis. Cryptic nodded.

“There has to be something we can do!” spoke Mersades, feeling ignored in the conversation.

“There isn’t anything . . .” faded Cryptic.

You know everyone thats been wanting to kill you is going to be coming out of the woodwork now.

I know . . .

“You have over six thousand years experience between the two of you and don’t know what else to do?” asked Mersades frustrated.
“We can’t do everything . . We may be powerful but there is things more powerful than us.” said Cryptic.

Do you know any magic outside being a demon?

Short distance teleporting, mental talking, familiar link . .

That’s it?

Yeah . . .

“There’s nothing that can be done?” asked Mer.
“I can check the books on it in the library just to be sure . . .” faded Cryptic, knowing that was a lost cause.

If you have any trouble at all with enemies don’t delay to call for me.

Anubis sighed, suddenly feeling weak was a hard punch to his ego. “while you do that I’m going out for a ride.”

Are you sure thats a good idea?

Anubis looked at Cryptic angered, he know he was just looking out fir his safety but still he found it aggravating.

I’m not helpless.

I didn’t say you were. You should just be careful now . . . .

Anubis stormed out without a word going out to the hallway, giving a Egyptian statue of the almighty god Anubis a slight push. The stature moved reveling a doorway to a garage that he then disappeared into.

Anubis . . .

I’m not talking to you right now . .its not you. Okay?

The mind link then was cut off by Anubis. Cryptic sighed. Mersades could somehow tell there was a conversation between the two long time friends in mind and looked to Cryptic for him to say something.

“He probably went to his garage . . .you should go talk to him . .. I was never good at these things . . .” sighed Cryptic. “I need to go back to the castle . .I don’t know what Anne would do to me if she found out I left Ripley to watch Random.” He then looked to Tyke asleep in the highchair. “I can take him with me if you think your going to be gone awhile.”

Mersades just nodded, taking it all in. Cryptic picked the sleeping demon baby out of the highchair and then disappeared in a red puff of smoke. ‘Cedez came into the garage. Anubis was on a black motorcycle with dark green details. Over his white T-shirt he had a black leather jacket. He was mid putting on a black hemet that had dark green wings painted on each side. It has a green visor that was not et pulled over his eyes yet.

“Anubis . . .where are you going?” asked Mersades. The jackal zipped up his leather jacket.

“Just around the desert . . . .” said Anubis as his hands held the handle of the motor cycle and revved the engine. There was a short moment of silence.

“Can I come with you?” questioned ‘Cedez unsurly. Anubis paused from revving and looking up at Mer. His mouth was covered from sight by the helmet but his eyes told he was smiling a bit.

I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon
After all I knew it had to be something to do with you
I really don’t mind what happens now and then
As long as you’ll be my friend at the end

“Yeah, there is a extra helmet on the wall.” Anubis gestured to a tool rack where a light green helmet hung. Mer grabbed it putting it on as she walked up to Anubis. He waited for ‘Cedez to get on behind him and whispered “Hold on tight.”

The garage door opened, showing a long driveway that ended in nothing but desert sand. Mersades didn’t bother to question how can a motorcycle drive on that but she trusted Anubis have something like special tires on the bike. The motorcycle zoomed down the wasteland with a wake of sand trailing behind it like a boat on water. Mersades held tightly to Anubis with her arms around his waist as the ride seemed to last forever though it was only a few moments, Wherever Anubis was going it was suddenly dark and there was now narrow rock walls. He then started to slow down to a stop. It appeared to be night with stars and moon able to be seen. There was canyon walls only a few paces apart.

“If your wondering why its suddenly night this is the valley of forever night, the name speaks for itself.” Anubis explained while kicking down the park break for the cycle and taking off his helmet and placing it between the handles. Mersades nodded looking up at the multicolor stars, pausing to take off her helmet.

“Nice bike” Mersades said trying to strike up a conversation.

“Thanks . .It’s pretty new, I used to have a light green Indian but I replaced it with this Harley.” Anubis spoke. “That reminds me. .I need to finish the Camaro for you.”

“It’s alright, no rush to do it.” Mersades said without thinking. Anubis leaned against the bike, then looking up at the night sky with a sigh. “Oh . .sorry . . “ faded Mer.

“It’s Okay . . I have to face the music . ..” spoke Anubis. “Its not the fact that I’m mortal now , ,If UI was to age and live to eighty I would be find with that. It would be an experience I could never have before, sounds like a good fate . . .but the fact that I only have a month . . .”

“Isn’t there anything that can be done?” asked ‘Cedez.

“Just what Cryptic said . .” replied Anubis. “I could never ask someone to give up their demoness.”

“What are S.O.M.s?” asked Mer curiously remembering what Cryptic said.

“Sites of Magic. Places where over the years lots of spells have been cast causing a place to be saturated with magic so much it can do magic on its own. Stone hedge is one of them.”

‘Cedez nodded understanding. Anubis looked to Mer, even though he was mortal now his eyes still looked as they could look into a soul. He leaned in towards Mer and kissed her slowly on the lips then releasing his tone much softer.

“You don’t-” Anubis started but then noticed a unusual look on ‘Cedez’s face. “What is it?”

“I have this feeling . . .” started Mersades. There was a tingling at the back of her neck, as if it was telling her something. “I sense someone near . . .”
“You sense . . . .?” questioned Anubis as he looked around and back at Mer.


Mer’s eyes went wide. “Anubis . . .did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” replied Anubis.
Suddenly here was a crash of lighting in between the two, then taking a form of a humanoid lion. He was wearing a roman armor and had a white mane. The beard part of the mane was done in the old greek style. He grinned evilly at the Jackal.

“Hello Anubis” spoke the lion demon. Anubis growled.

“Zeus . . .” he grumbled angrily sitting up straight from leaning against the motorcycle.

“Its almost unhonorable to defeat you when your so weak.” said Zeus pulling a gold lighting bolt shaped metal object from a pouch on his side.

“But since when have you cared about honor?” said Anubis, crossing his arms calmly.

Don’t worry I’ll be fine. I can beat this guy even being mortal. Just stand back. He won’t bother you unless you get involved.

Mersades blinked at the mind message. It wasn’t the first time she had gotten a mental message from Anubis but she just didn’t expect it. She backed away from the two a safe distance.

“You cur! how dare you insult me.” said Zeus.

“You call that a comeback . . .shesh, I could do better in my sleep. Go cough up a hairball somewhere else. I don’t want to deal with you now.” spoke Anubis, Zeus fingered the several other metal bolts in his pouch.

“I am finally going to defeat you. You were unfit to be a god, and now your just unfit to live.” growled Zeus.

“You still think we’re really gods? I hate to remind you but they call them ‘Greek Myths’” stated Anubis. Zeus growled throwing the gold lighting bolt in his hand at him. Anubis with quick speed was able to uncross his arms and calmly, as if it took no effort, caught the metal lighting bolt.

“I may be mortal now, but my body is still built like a demon . . . .” explained Anubis dropping the bolt at his feet. “though I don’ expect you small brain to understand that.” Mersades tried now to smirk. Even as a mortal Anubis still had his quick wit and attitude. Zeus took another bolt out and threw it. Anubis caught it again and yawned. “Your not getting the point are you?” Zeus growled, his teeth seemed to grow into large fangs.

He then started throwing a shower of bolts at Anubis causing a dust cloud. Mersades gasped hoping Anubis was okay. Zeus kept throwing bolts at the dust cloud where Anubis stood. ‘Cedez then felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Anubis grinning like a cheshire cat. His hand slipped into is leather jacket and came out wearing spiked brass knuckles. He then went to sneak up on the still firing Zeus. The lion didn’t see the prowling jackal behind him. Anubis came up behind Zeus, and before he could react the lion was knocked unconscious.

“Old friend?” asked Mersades sarcastically.

“Heh, long story. I’ll tell you someday . .as for now I think we should go.” replied Anubis. ‘Cedez nodded in agreement going to the bike. She heard Anubis follow behind her unusually clear and then his footsteps suddenly stopped. She turned around and saw Anubis, his face showing pain and confusion. He sounded like he was suffocating.

Mersades looked down to Anubis rapidly heaving chest to see the sharp point of a golden metal lighting bolt drenched in blood protruding out of the left side. In a split second another bolt hit from behind, tearing through with such a force it knocked Anubis right against Mer. The two bolt points only grazed against Mer lightly with the jolt, as then Anubis slid down to the ground to his knees, then collapsing, silently gasping for breath. The confusing now gone from his eyes now just filled with complete terror.

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?
If I’m alive and well, will you be there holdin’ my hand?
I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might

“You have seemed to forget we gods can heal fast from what morals do to us.” said Zeus, standing a few paces away now uninjured. Mersades stood there in shock a moment, then threw herself over Anubis to block any more bolts that were thrown. “You act as if I’m going to strike him again. There is no point to it, he won’t live much longer without lungs to breath, “ spoke Zeus.

“You you coward” Mersades started followed by a long line of insults and obscenities.

“Now miss, thats no language for a girl to speak to a god,” Zeus corrected. “And I am not a coward.”

“Waiting until he was weak and striking him from behind! Thats cowardice!” stated Mer angrily on her knees trying to prop up Anubis in her arms. Anubis straining to breath had stopped, his chest now not moving at all. His eyes still showed he was alive, but slowing slipping farther and farther away.

“Don’t start with me miss or you’ll end up like him” said Zeus, “Be glad I have somewhere else to go now and won’t waste my time with you . .”

Mersades felt she was on fire. Anubis was dying in her arms and the one that did it was now going to walk away. The burning feeling grew more and more feeling painful to Mer and had a strong scent of death. The feeling then released in the form of a dark green ball of flaming magic headed straight to Zeus from her. Both and magic thrower and the one hit by the magic had a look of surprise. The green ball hit Zeus, he took the hit stumbling back gritting his teeth. Zeus grabbed a bolt and threw it at Mer. She held Anubis her thought to try to shield him. The bolt disintegrated in the barely noticeable green magic force field around the Jackal and the Skunck.

Zeus stared at Mer, though it looked like he was looking past her. His eyes widened in a surprised laced with fear but quickly went back to normal showing no emotion. “I’ll be leaving now, you little tricks only delay the enviable.” Zeus then disappeared in a flash of lighting.

Mersades wondered what had just happened. She looked down at Anubis. The golden metal bolts quivered with every beat of his slowly fading pulse. His eyes were glazed over not responding to any movement in front of them. “Anubis . . . “ she faded stroking his bangs. Normally she would feel helpless to do anything but she had this overwhelming feeling that she could fix the problem. She gently moved a hand to Anubis’s back, taking hold of the large back end of one of the bolts and pulling it out with a hard yank. A silent gasp came out of Anubis as his chest began to shake again, his body trying to breath with lungs that weren’t there.

“Its alright baby, everything is going to be okay, I think I know what I’m doing . . .” said Mersades as she yanked out the other metal bolt. He looked up at ‘Cedez like a confused child. Unable to speak he just mouthed ‘Beloved’ and slipped into the blackness he gave up fighting against. Mer tried to do her best to remain calm. If what she thought was true this should work. She gave Anubis a light kiss on the lips that had already gone cold. “We’ll here goes nothing . . .”

Another burning feeling filled Mersades. This time as it built up it didn’t hurt but felt calm and cooling. She held Anubis’s limp body close hoping that would be good enough. The built up green glowing energy released passing into Anubis. His body gave a sudden jerk. The large wounds on his chest from the bolts glowed green and then closed up. The only evedence left of the wounds was the rips in the white T-shirt that were lined with red blood. Anubis’s body was still limp, but not dead weight. He started breathing and slowly opened his eyes.

“What happened?” he asked hoursely.

“Um . .you died and I rezzed you . . .” Mer said still unbeliving that she just had done that.

“You . . .did?” blinked Anubis. “You . .you have my powers?” Anubis blinked.

Mer nodded. “I don’t know how . . .but I do . . .I was able to shoot an energy blast at Zeus.”

“Zeus . . where is he?” Anubis siad rushing to sit up though it seemed painful.

“He chickened out and left.” replied Mersades.

“That sounds like him . . . .” faded Anubis as he relaxed sittng up knowing Zeus was gone. Then it dawned on Anubis “Your a life-death demon now.” ‘Cedez nodded. “We switched . .thats strange . . .” spoke Anubis. “Mer?”

“Yes of course. You’d die if we didn’t.” retorted Mer. Anubis blinked.

“How did you know I was going to ask if you wanted to switch back?” asked Anubis

“I could just tell. “ grinned ‘Cedez.

“We need to go to a S.O.M.” said Anubis while trying to stand.

“You alright?” questioned Mer helping Anubis up as she stood herself.

“Yeah . .you just gave me a small rezz hangover. “ Anubis chuckled lightly. He then reistablished his mind link with Cryptic.

What is the best S.O.M to go too?

Anubis! Are you alright? I had this feeling . . .

I’m fine now.

Who did you get to give their demon type to you?

Mer had my powers . . .

“Sorry,” said Mersades about the rezz hangover.

“It’s clearing up fast, I’ll be able to drive us to a S.O.M.” replied Anubis.

Your going to have to go to a S.O.M. where you can be safe with your guard down. Many of the powerful sites in the normal-verse are also torists attractions sadly. . .

I need a place in the demon-verse. I can’t teleport that far. I can drive somewhere in the demon-verse.

I wonder how that happened .How about the Obesk? Its near your place.

Thats right, why didn’t I think of that . . . .

“There is a S.O.M. near my place, we can go there.” told Anubis while puttin gon his helmet. “are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yes” replied Mer as she approched the bike and put on the light green helmet.

Do you need the spell to do the switch at the S.O.M.?

The Obesk can do it by itself. Its very powerful.

Alright. Good luck. We shouldn’t have mind link while your there.

Yeah. I’ll get back to you after we switch back.


The mind link then broke. Anubis got on the motorcycle and Mersades sat behind him.

“Ready?” asked Anubis.

“Hm-hm” Mersades hummed a yes.

Anubis turned on the bike and then speeded down the valley. It felt that it only took a few seconds to get there. Anubis stopped the bike at what looked like the middle of nowhere in the desert. Mer sliped off the bike and took off her helmet as Anubis took of his.

“Where is it?” asked ‘Cedez. Anubis pointed to the small black pyrimid no bigger then the size of someones fist peaking out of the sand. “Thats it?”

Anubis smirked. “Just stand back and watched . . .” He then placed his hand on the small blck prymid. Nothing happened. “Crud, it won’t work, it won’t let me raise it because I’m not a demon anymore . . . “ Anubis sided, that seeming to take a blow to his ego. “Now how are we supposed to switch back . . .”

“If you have to be a demon to get it open can’t I do it?” questioned Mer.

“Oh . .” Anubis faded. “My mind must be lagging a bit . . .the mortal blood running through a 5000 year old brain . .not thinking clearly . .Just put your hand on teh black pyrimid and step away.”

Mersades nodded looking at Anubis worriedly and then did what she was told. Slowly the black pyrimid rose showing it was larger in size and that was just a point to a huge Obesk. Mer and Anubis steped back as it slowly raised from teh sand. It started with a point at hte tope while the rest of it the way down was straight like a pillar. It was soild black and wide enought to be a small house. There was a door that was also black but lined in gold. Anubis opened the large door.

“Ladies first,” He said opening the door for Mersades. She smiled and then stepped in. The Obersk was a large open floor. Inside the walls were black with hygroglyphics carved in. The floor was a tiled molsic of black, green, blue, red and sand colored tiles in a star like pattern. In the middle of the room was a pit of sand the size of a childrens pool. Anubis looked to the hygrogypics on the wall till he saw what he needed.

“There, the ability for switching bloods . .I guess that is what we need.” spoke Anubis as he touched the wall where the spell was written. The part of the wall with those hygroglyhics seemed to glow white as Anubis read silently.

“What does it say?” asked Mer as she curiously looked around the place.

“One person stands at one side of the sand circle and the other peson at the other side . .and then we walk towards eachother and walk through eachother.” Anubis said confusedly, and went to rereading that part of the wall to make sure he got it translated right. Mersades blinked.

“Well, we’ll try it and see . . “ stated Anubis as he took hold of Mersades hand. He then kissed her lightly on the lips. The jackal walked over to the sand circle going to the farther side and letting Mer take the closer side. “Well here goes nothing hm?” Anubis smiled a bit. He then took a step closer to Mer, stepping his feet into the sand circle. Mer carfully took a step into the sand also. “Nothing seems to be happening yet . . .are you still sure you want to do this?”

“I’d do anything for you.” whispered Mersades.

“I would for you too.” replied Anubis as he reached to take Mer’s hand. Instead his hand went right through hers. The couple blinked. “Heh . .okay . . I guess we walk through eachother and get this over with.” Anubis started to take another step hestintly when the sand seemed to shift below the jackal and skunks feet, causeing them to fall into one another. There was a flash of green light. Another flash showed a green furry jackal baby crawling around on a blanket laid in the sand, while two parents, a large blackish brown wolf, and a green female jackel sat right by. Another flash showing a young teal skunk sitting on the beach overlooking the L.A. shoreline. With the next flash showed a egyption dressed jackal sitting on top of the Sphinx at night with a beiutiful view of Egypt. The black paint around his eyes was smeared with the transparent green tears in his eyes that when they fell turned to emarlds. Then the next flash showed a teenage teal Skunk sobbing, police lights and an accendent unfocused behind her. In the last flash was the sight of a teal Skunk and brown Jackel
cuddling snuggly while sitting in a flowery hanging garden, a beuitfull desert sunset in the background. Her red eyes met his green ones and they then kissed, unaware of anything around them.

Anubis work up, finding himself laying down on the sand circle they just walked on. Mersades laid with her head resting on Anubis’s chest, she herself just waking up too.

“Beloved?” whispered Anubis.

“Hmm?” Mer replied sleeply

“You okay?” asked Anubis. Mersades nodded.

“Thanks for rezzing me . .and giving me my powers back . . .I know anyone else wouldn’t of done so . . .power like that corrupts .. .but then again I know I can trust you. . .” smiled Anubis. ‘Cedez smiled back. “I love you.” said Anubis, it being the first time he ever said I love you first, Mer was always the one to say it first and he would follow with a ‘I love you too,’ but this time he said it first.

“I love you too.” whispered Mer with a smile.

“We’ll go back home later . .” whispered Anubis as he found himself drifting back off to sleep. Mersades nodded as she started to nod off to sleep too.

You called me strong, you called me weak
but still your secrets I will keep
You took for granted all the times I never let you down
You stumbled in and bumped your head
if not for me then you’d be dead
I picked you up and put you back on solid ground

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?
If I’m alive and well, will you be there holdin’ my hand?
I’ll keep you by my side with my