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Name: Gremilyn Royal
Gender: Female
Age: 9ish
Affiliation: She does what she wants
Appearance: Is built like her Normal-Verse version Gosalyn
Hair: Blue like Cryptic's
Eyes: Green like Gosalyn's
Feathers: Light Yellow like Gosalyn's
Beak: Orange but with a black triangle on it with the point pointing down the beak.
Disguising Marks: She is a soul stealer demon
Attire: Outfit like Gosalyn's but green instead of purple and black instead of pink. On the shirt instead of a big white number one there is a big white pentagram.

Weaponry: If any it would be a small dagger. She usually just uses her soul stealing powers

Accent: None

Most likely voice actor: Same as Gosalyn's

Personality: Much like Gosalyn, Spirited and such, but can get much more violent. What morbid things Gosalyn talks about doing Gremilyn can actually do.

Motivations: Even though she knows she's out of the ranks of ruling the Demon-verse she hopes to at least get a sub-kingdom off of Cryptic. Also, to be a good daughter to her adoptive father Darkwing Demon.

History: Gremilyn is the daughter of Cryptic's Demon-verse version, Kriptyk and Gosalyn's mother's Demon-verse version, also named Gremilyn. Her mother died of unknown reasons a few days after she was born and then her father died a year later in war. Cryptic tried to take care of her but didn't find himself to be a suitable father, and also believed he was going to get killed in the war too. He left Gremilyn in the care of Darkwing Demon. When she got older Cryptic did offer to teach her magic, which he did thinking that she would take over the throne after him. She however lost the throne with the appearance of Random, Cryptic's son. Gremilyn was a bit bitter about that but has gotten over it.

Likes: Darkwing Demon, Cryptic, Power, Magic, Ripley, Crystal, and Prodigy (Honker's Demon-verse version)

Dislikes: Random (just a bit), being told what to do.

"I don't have to do what you say"
"Who died and made you king? Oh wait . nevermind"

Said of Her:
Darkwing Demon: "What? How could my little angel of a daughter do this?"
Cryptic: "Are we talking about the same Gremilyn here?"

Other: None yet.

Theme Songs:
None yet