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Name: Divine Intervention Macawber
Gender: Female
Age: 990ish looks early 30s
Affiliation: Good
Appearance: Feathers so fine it's almost like fur. Even though she is a duck she has a wolf like appearance to her. In full moons she becomes strangely a humanoid wolf (instead of a werewolf) with her fangs more apparent.
Hair: Brown with puffy bangs
Eyes: Purple almost wolf like
Feathers: Light light tan
Beak: orange
Disguising Marks: Her canine teeth (where vampire fangs would be) are a bit larger than the norm but it is barely noticable. She is also paralyzed from the waist down, (but not on full moons)
Attire: Blue jeans and the usual light purple spaghetti straps T-shirt. Though in full moons she likes to put on her old fancy and ornate Renaissance dresses.

Weaponry: In olden times, bow and arrows. For now she is retired from fighting but has a gun in her sock drawer for emergencies

Accent: She spent most of her young life in france and picked up that accent a bit, though now it isn't very apparent now. She is very fluent in french language though.

Most likely voice actor: Scully?

Personality: She's very down to earth. No nonsense type. But she does take time out for fun once and awhile.

Motivations: She's studying now at Canard University studying law to become a judge since she is unable to go after criminals she still wants to help with the locking them in jail prosses.

History: She is the daughter of Angela and Macawb Macawber. Angela was a werewolf and Macawb was a vampire. During the time their castle got attacked when Macawb was killed and Cryptic got his scar Angela got away. She was already pregnant at the time with Divine. She was raised in a normal life despite the fact her and her mother became different during full moons. Angela being mortal since werewolves still are, did die of old age. Divine however has Vampire immortalness. Sometime later around the time of Moconolo's (spelling?) birth her and Cryptic met when she was a teacher of supernatural being cultures at a magic school in Translavaina (I know the mentioned the name on the show but I can't remember it and neither does Cryptic. if you know it e-mail me Cryptic was there uncover to catch Rene, who was also a teacher there. There was a fight with Rene against Cryptic and Divine. Rene ended up paralyzing Divine from the waist down. Cryptic not knowing the damage Rene caused just left to hunt down where Rene went. At first Divine wanted to die when she found out she couldn't walk again. But when she was still able to walk during full moons she learned to deal with it. She also has a dislike for most men.

Likes: Macawb, Angela, Cryptic, learning, law, and teaching

Dislikes: Rene Morbidson, people in power that abuse it, and chocolate

Darkwing Duck: "You know . .life is like one of those paradoxal questions, is the glass half full or half empty? Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Would you be mortal and be perfectly fine, or immortal but be a cripple . . ." Divine: "Don't make me run you over with my wheelchair little man. . ."
"Cryptic!!! Your going to get us killed!"

Said of Her:
None Yet

Other: She never really got into magic though she was exposed to it a lot when she was younger.

Theme Songs:
None yet