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Name: Crystal Vin McCawber (Posi-Cryptic)
Gender: Female
Age: 1000ish but looks 21
Affiliation: Super sugar coated good!
Appearance: Looks like Cryptic but more female eyes, body, and hair a few inches longer.
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Feathers: Pale white
Beak: Black
Disguising Marks: She has a set of black feathery wings on her back under her cape
Attire: Medieval clothing. A gray shirt that comes down leaving her shoulders bare. She sometimes wears gray pants, but mostly she wears a gray skirt with gray tights. She has a wine red vest/bottice that laces up with black cord. She also has a black cape that is clipped to the side by a gold clasp that has a red heart with a blue background on it. She also has black ankle high slightly heeled boots.

Weaponry: Though she is the very anti-violence type she does have a gold handled, silver blade fencing sword.

Accent: Cheery ditz

Most likely voice actor: Any idea's for her voice mail me

Personality: Sickeningly cheerful but very kind and helpful. Looks nieve and stupid but is not. She has learned over the 1000 years.

Motivations: She is president of the Earth in the Posi-verse. She is always looking out for the best of all the people there.

History: She is a full mortal, but she along with Nega-Cryptic live as long as Cryptic is alive. It's never been explained how this accord but it did. The McCawber's in the Posi-verse, instead of being brooding hermits in their castles, are instead outgoing to serve the community and help all who need it. Her parents raised her to be that way. Which led her to be President of the Earth , since in the Posi-verse all the countries get along and the democratic party is represented by a unicorn, not a donkey :) Her magic powers are not as strong as Cryptic's by far but she has super speed.

Likes: Cryptic, Nega-Cryptic, Anndrew?(Posi-Anne), EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! wheeeee!

Dislikes: Mean people that hurt others.

"May I help you?"
"Have a nice day"
::catches bullet shot at her in hand:: "Now . .that was not nice, Go sit in the corner till your sorry for what you did"

Said of Her:
None Yet

Other: She has a familiar named Riley (as in the life of Riley) he's a small green griffin with a yellow underbelly. He has an eagle head and lion body with eagle wings.

Theme Songs:
None yet