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Name: Catacombs Anpu Macawber
Gender: Female
Age: Died at 60 appears as a 16 year old when a ghost.
Affiliation: Good
Appearance: She is a humanoid cat.
Hair: Long wavy black with blue highlights. She has two small braids on the sides in the front that have small gold beads on them. She doesn't have bangs.
Eyes: Red
Fur: Pale white with black markings on the tips of her ears, around her eyes like a cheetah has, and around her mouth which would be her lips.
Disguising Marks: Her black markings just said. A tattoo of a gold Ankh with a yin-yang in the circle on her right arm. A tattoo of a band in gold (like Pochonataus) on her left. She also has a red line scar down the right side of her face that her hair covers.
Attire: Your basic white flowing egyptian gown. But wearing a gold light medieval chest armor and and one of those wide gold, turquoise, and onyx necklaces.

Weaponry: She could pretty much master whatever she got her hands on. Whip, sword, bow and arrows, and spear. She mostly carried a whip and a sword

Accent: Medieval with a small egyptian accent.

Most likely voice actor: That one girl in the movie Sliding Doors .

Personality: Fun loving and a zest for life yet takes loss very seriously.

Motivations: Fought against the people in power that judged people on looks and beliefs to not be just.

History: The egyptian "goddess" Bastette (Bast) and Cryptic when he was really young 19-20ish. Cryptic actually never ever knew about her. He was off on his quest to find Rene and get revenge. Bast left Catacombs with Anubis who raised her knowing she was probably Cryptic's. Anubis never told Cryptic about her since the next time they met it she was already dead because of old age. For some reason, even though Cryptic is half demon and Bastette was a full one, Catacombs turned out to be a normal-verser. But it says being a demon or mortal has nothing to do with blood but unconscious choice. Cata had a fast, fun, free and important life actually helping a lot. She was said to be the next Joan of Arc. Other than fighting for the rights of the different she had the ability to open gateways to the Demon-verse. Which was quite helpful cause many of the surviving Egyptian demons from B.C. times were stuck in the Normal-verse since there Gatekeeper demon died a long time ago. Anubis who never was even in the Demon-verse, being born in the Normal-verse got to see it for the first time. Catacombs did know that Cryptic was her father but understood that he didn't know and why he was gone. Cata stayed in the Normal-verse though, it is not known if she married and had children before she died of old age at 60.

Likes: Egyptian Folklore, Anubis, Egyptian and Medieval things, fighting for what she believes.

Dislikes: People that punish others just because of looks or beliefs, Zeus (I'll explain that some day), and large bodies of water.

"Plan? What Plan? The plan is to go inside and tie them down"
Anubis: "And where were you last night young lady?
Catacombs: ::trying to sound serious:: "Well, I was out to a few taverns, got quite drunk, went to a handsome lad's home and just now got back like your averge young person . . ."
Anubis: ::blinks:: "Liar, you were out freeing the unjustly imprisoned again. . ."
Catacombs: "Well yes . . .but I did drink before I did that. . ."
Anubis: "Eh, don't worry averge is over rated anyways"

Said of Her:
None yet

Other: Anubis and probably Bast will never tell Cryptic. Anubis is the one that named her and was a father to her. Also sometimes Catacombs ghost wanders around but only Anubis can see her. Cata had a familiar that was a panther named Sistrum, she didn't know however that Cryptic's first familiar was a panther and her mother carried the symbol of the Sistrum, which was a sacred rattle.

Theme Songs:
None yet