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"Now, did you learn anything from that?" asked my Grandfather over the sound of the ringing bells as we went down the church stairs.

"Yeah . . not to fall asleep on a wooden bench while sitting up . . " I replied.

"Hey . . " Grandpa lightly gave me a whap on the head. I retorted by sticking out my tongue at him. "I'm going to start to bring you more often. I've been making you into a anti- social hermit . ."

"I'm . .social . . . ." I protested.

"To Whom?" asked Grandpa.

"To well . .to spiders and snakes and whatever else creeps around near the castle . .but still!" I replied.

"Uh-huh. I inroled you in an apprentice program in town." said Grandpa.

"What?" I whined. "But I-" My sentance was cut off when a brown haired female goose came up behind Grandpa and put her arms around him.

"Guess Who . . " She whispered as her purple eyes sparkled. I blinked a few times.

"Angela?" replied Grandpa as he whirled around to look in the woman's eyes.

"Yessums" answered Angela

"I thought your father sent you off to live with your grandmother." stuttered Grandpa.

"Oh, you wanted to get rid of me?" retorted Angela with a raise eyebrow.

"No no no no no! Of course not M'lady, I'm happy to see you, how are you? How did you talk your father out of it?"

"I'm fine, and my grandma died." replied Angela with a smile.

"Oh . . .I'm sorry . ." apologized Grandpa.

"No really, it's alright, I would of done it myself if old age didn't beat me to it. " Angel returned. My Grandpa and I both blinked at her in surprised at the same time. "I'm not serious . .though my Grandma and I never got along . .so who is the boy with you?" asked Angela.

"What boy?" said Grandpa as he got lost in Angela's purple eyes. I crossed my arms and cleared my throat. "Oh, Cryptic, this is Angela, Angela this is my Grandson Cryptic."

"Oh! this is the lad you mentioned a while ago. Hello Cryptic, pleased to meet you."

I just nodded. "Pleased to meet you too M'lady, My Grandfather has said many wonderful things about you." I said as Grandpa gave me a look, since he never had mentioned Angela.

"Oh really?" questioned Angela as she smiled up at Grandpa. He smiled in return, not knowing what to say.

"Um Yes er . .I and Cryptic have some things to do . .afterwards want to come over, To the castle?" asked Grandpa. As if by cue the castes personal cloud began to rain and lighting up there. Grandpa chuckled nervously.

"Alright," replied Angela "Can you pick me up at the back of my fathers cornfield?" Grandpa nodded vigorously. "I'll be waiting . . " she faded as she walked off. Grandpa watched her as she left.

"Grandpa? Er . .Grandpa?" I waved my hand in front of his face. "GRANDFATHER!"

"Oh huh . .Yeah . .first lets go to the armory and then to the docks to pick up a shipment." stammered out Grandpa.

"Uh-huh . .and whats the point of being in love if it makes you incoherent?" I asked, being able to notice what was going on.

"Tonight . . ." My Grandfather sputtered.

"What?!?" I exclaimed

"Huh? Nothing! Your going to bed eariler tonight, lets hurry to pick up these items . ." Grandpa said as he started to walk to the armory.