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I have taken over! ::Impish Chuckle::

Hi! I'm Rainbow Lord! ::the slightly familur looking male duck Smiles and waves:: Cryptic and all the other demons are so ho-hum and depressed, So I thought I'll take over and make this a Happy Page! Woohooo!!. I'm a demon to ya'know, but I'm the next step in demon gentics, because unlike all the other demons, I have a wonderful thing called self-esteem! Of course many demons are scared by this new step in evolution that they might become and so some even try to kill me a lot ::pouts:: But's it's Okay cause Cryptic protects me and I have my own floating island that only friends and family ca-

>>>>>> Transfer Interuppted and much scuffling heard

::Cryptic clears his throut:: "Sorry about that . . . .Now, On to the Demon-Verse. No more fancy stuff, just click Here