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My Voice

These are all wavs from the movie "Demon Knight" Which I haven't seen but my Brother has and suggested the voice of the 'Collector' for Cryptic.

Me bragging about my ability to cross Demons over into our verse.

This is how I break it to people that I'm half Demon

Talking to myself in the mirror after a long battle and drinking.

I swore . .and was cranky at the time . .I'm not getting enough vitamin C.

Sounds like something I'ld say to Morgana.

Usally when I ask for help no one helps . .

My Old Tough Self. ~:)

Something I say a lot

I was trying not to be sympathic and not doing a good job at it

Advice I should take myself

Never have me move in with you. It's just scary. I think I was being sarcastic with what I said.

Heh . .something I would say to someone . .we know who. . .

And more of the above

Me having a hard time at saying something importaint.

I just have a hard time saying that word.

Finnally, After drinking too much wine, I'm able to tell what I mean.

If the above didn't get her, I can alway mention my teleporting abilities.

Singing Voice

The singing voice is Galvin from the band Bush. My sister says he's not really a good singer, so Cryptic sings like this . .but better

If your wav player doesn't play the music this will.
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