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The Lone Macawber

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness,
and some have greatness thrust upon them."

A Thousand Years Ago
When the ways of magic was new to the world
There was a corruption in a family
That would take a thousand years to be fixed

One Year Later
"Midnight!" I called. There was no response. "Midnight!" I called again. Then running out of the kitchen with the sound of pots and pans clattering came a large black panther. He then proceeded to jump in my lap as if he was a small lap dog. "Gah! down down!" Midnight then hopped down, turned a few times and sat looking up at me.
"Is Grandpa gone?" I questioned as it seems he was done checking the castle for Grandpa as I asked. Midnight nodded his big feline head and then licked his paw to wipe his face.
"Good." I said as I dipped my pointer finger in a bowl of paint like goo I made with a mixture of ash and water. I sat on the floor on my knees making a large circle on the floor with the gray paint. Midnight watched curiously as I then wiped the paint off my fingers onto my black pants. I placed my hands on the floor barely touching the circle till it started to glow. Midnight growled at the circle, not knowing what to make of it.

"It's alright Midnight." I told him. He didn't seem satisfied with my opinion and watched the circle. A form came rising out of the center of the circle. He was a light blue feathered figure with ram like horns on each side of his head. His beak was long like a humming birds and had two sets of wings on his back. He wore a roman guard type uniform.

"Cryptic . .you haven't summoned I in a long time . ." stated the demon.

"I haven't had the chance. Sorry" I replied.

"Your father?" asked the demon.

"No no, I'm not living with him anymore," I sighed but then smiled. "I'm with my grandfather now, he's kind, much different than my father."

"Then why haven't you contacted me sooner?" questioned the demon. I sighed in response.

"Even though he is nice I don't want him to seem me contact demons . . .I don't want to mess up again . ." I faded and cleared my throat. "So what has happened since we lasted talked?"

"Another war started, This time at the river border . .There has been constant fighting."

"Hmmm . .is there an end in sight?" I asked.

"No . . .I was hoping if you had any ideas, like you came up with last time . . ." replied the demon.

"What is the landscape the battle is taking place on?"

"There is a river separating out camp from the enemy." replied the demon

"Build a bridge over the river." I replied with little thought.

"What? But then they will go on it to cross the river." exclaimed the demon.

"Exactly . .crossing over the bridge would make they're army all condensed into one small spot. It would be easy just to get them all with arrows from a distance, no casualties on our side." I explained.

"Brilliant!" the demon said.

"Thanks . .but I always wondered why is an army of demons asking a young mortal for plans in batter?" I asked. It had never really made sense to me why.
"We . um . . ." the demon stammered till the loud closing of the castle door was heard and footsteps followed. Midnight gave a loud warning meow. Without a second word the demon disappear from the gate as I tried to clear the ash from the floor. Grandfather Macawb then entered the room as I sheepishly hid was ash I could behind my back.

"Cryptic, I need to talk to you." said Macawb.

"W-w-what about?" I spoke nervously, hoping I wasn't in trouble. Grandpa just smiled.

"Angela and I are going to get married." Grandpa spoke with a wide happy smile.

I had never been to a wedding before. It was held at the church right after sunset. A few people in town were not happy with this. There were some townsfolk that were suspicious of my Grandfather. The church however still gave the service because my Grandfather was a large donor to the church. There wasn't anyone there other than My Grandfather, Angela, the Priest and I. I got to be the ring bearer since there wasn't anyone there for the wedding reception was just a big several coarse dinner with just the three of us. I found out for the first time then that Angela did know my Grandfather was a vampire. And not only that but Angela was a werewolf.

They had met when Angela's father came to Macawb for help. He could tell my Grandfather was a man with magical knowledge. Angela had been made a werewolf and her father wanted a cure. Macawb told Angela's father that there was no cure for it but he could help Angela adjust to the transformations. Through this they became really close. Even thought Angela's father found Macawb to be trustworthy he still didn't want his daughter getting involved with him. That is why the father was going to send Angela to her Grandmother's. When her Grandmother died the father gave up on trying to separate the two.

I had the castle all to myself for a week. My Grandfather and Angela stayed in the guest house a distance away behind the castle.

Since now I was alone I called on the demons I knew to get information on what was happening in the demon realm. Many didn't answer my summonings and others that did avoided the subject.

Near the end of the week I felt like something was wrong. I went down to town two nights before my Grandfather was supposed to be back. I decided to go during the day. I had always felt safer in the darkness of night but something was different now.

Midnight had wanted to come with me. I talked him out of coming, explaining how the villagers have an irrational fear of 220 pound cat.

It was noon in the town when I got there. I had walked, since the carriage driver wasn't available. Townsfolk were busy shopping in the market and going about their business. But I could tell there was something apperceive in the air that was not caused by just my presence.

I decided to go into the old armory shop that Grandpa had bought me my beginners armor and sword from a few years ago. I looked in there and didn't see the old walrus store owner. instead it was a young walrus in his early twenties. I started to look at the bigger swords since my Grandfather had mentioned about getting me a new sword and armor for my 18th birthday.

"Hello, do you have any mid weight double edged blades here?" I asked the young walrus behind the counter. He looked at me suspiciously and went back to polishing the sword in his hands.

"We don't server your kind here." answered the walrus.

"My kind?" I replied a bit surprised.

"You coming during the day doesn't fool me, I can tell you on of those creatures,You and that guy that lives in the castle with the doctor's daughter." He explained. I raised an eyebrow.

"Where is the original store owner?" I asked.

"If you don't leave here now, the only other way you'll leave is in a pine box." said the young walrus as he paused from the polishing of his sword to look threatening.

"Alright alright . ." I replied going for the door.

As I touched the doorknob I felt an evil presence. I then noticed all the windows in the store had been covered with curtains. Then a thought came to my mind. "A evil vampire" then followed by a name. "Rene . . ." I turned around to face the store owner.

"My kind you say?" I repeated more confidant. "my kind?!?!" I then pulled down the curtain nearest to me, sending sunlight rushing into the armory. The clear stopped the sword polishing and stood up from behind the counter. He wasn't turning to ash like I planed. He wasn't a vampire. "Heh . .Oops" I said as I decided it was best to run out of there.

I stopped when I saw I was back at the market. I calmed and took a breath. "I'm losing it" I said to myself. "Rene could not be here" I then saw a black carriage pulled by two large brown stallions. The windows of the carriage were covered. I paused, watching the carriage cross ahead my path. I panicked and rushed back to the castle as the sun started to set.

"I'm imagining things, I have to be." I thought out loud while I sat down in the castle living room by the fire. Midnight sat next to me and looked at me worriedly. "Everything is alright Midnight . . .I'm just being paranoid." I said as I patted his head. He didn't seem convinced. "Or maybe we should go back into town and check out if I have a reason to be paranoid. . . ." I faded

I strapped on my armor and took my sword with me as I snuck down into the town at night. Midnight came with to 'protect' me. Looking back, I was so naive. If Rene was there a vampire couldn't just be killed with a sword, but had to be staked in the heart with a stake of a special kind of wood. I didn't know that back then.

I kept on walking following my senses till they lead Midnight and I to the armory. I stayed very quiet as I leaned against the doorway with my sword drawn, peaking in the door. I knew there was something suspicious about the place when I was there earlier. Midnight whined and looked around unsurely. I slowly opened the door to the store. For some reason it wasn't locked. I saw in the middle of the armory floor that the floorboard were torn up revealing an empty open coffin below them. I now knew Rene was here and it wasn't my imagination. Midnight followed me in the store. He tilted his head and looked at the coffin curiously. Not all vampires slept in coffins, just at the time it was the best thing around to serve the purpose. Some coffins were made to lock from the inside to prevent looters. There were the ones vampires used. Just as I was examining the coffin the front door started to creak open as someone entered unknown to me.

I turned around to see a familar face.
“Grandpa!” I exclaimed surprised to see him here. “What are you doing here?”

“I sensed you were in danger , what are you doing out here?”” asked Macawb.

“I sensed Rene . . . .” I faded.

“Rene . . . “ Macawb grumbled out that name. “You shouldn’t of come out here alone to fight him” Macawb turned to Midnight. “You were supposed to watch the kid.” Midnight gave a “who me?” look.

“When he gets here when the sun comes up I’ll get him.” I stated.

“You can’t do it alone . . .” faded Macawb.

“Then the next night we will . .” I replied.

“He’s probably drifting through, the next night he would be leaving . . .” stated Macawb.

“Then we get him before he leaves!” I exclaimed.

“First let us leave here and discuss this at home.” said Macawb.

I sighed “Alright . . . “ Macawb opened the store door to leave. He took a few steps out of the store before me, looking left and right down the road. Midnight tilted his head and whined.

“Midnight?” What is it?” I asked. I saw Macawb pause on the other side of the doorway. Midnight walked over in front of me almost protectively.

“Cryptic, Go out the back door. . .” faded Macawber.

“huh? Why?” I asked while my curiosity move me to the door. There standing in the shadows of the building across from the store was Rene.

“I see you found my temporary residence. . .” whispered Rene as he steeped closer, acting calm then turned and glared at me. “Oh . .your alive” he said casually and then turned back and looked to Macawb. “I’m only going to be here another night, Just do not bother me and I will not bother you . . .” said Rene as he walked past Macawb and I into the store.

“I have not forgotten what you did to me!” I growled as I turned and drew my sword. Rene ignored my outburst, his back stall to me as he waved his hand, making his coffin sit up and open. I swung my sword to his back but in mid swing the blade was held back. I looked above me to see Macawb holding the blade back with his bare hand. I saw a smirk on Rene’s beak.

“Cryptic, we’re going home now.” commanded Macawb in a harsh tone I had never heard from him before.

“But . . .” I faded as he let go of my sword.

“You are very strong willed Macawb, being able to live your own life. but some of the instincts you can not fight, hmm?” spoke Rene tauntingly.

Macawb drew his sword, looking insulted by what Rene Had said. Rene turned to face him. standing still, as if Macawb was not a threat. Macawb swung his word blade straight at Rene’s neck. I watched as Rene didn’t even flinch as the blade stopped less that an inch from neck. Macawb held his sword there, as if there was a stone wall blocking his sword from Rene’s neck. Rene laughed.

“You both should leave here soon, the sun will be coming up, and not only that, but a lord’s knights maybe following some vampire here that just bit his daughter and killed his son. you don’t want to be mistaken as that vampire . . .” grinned Rene, some red blood showing on this teeth and sharp fangs.

Macawb put hi s word back in its sheeth on his belt. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of there. Midnight gave a growl to Rene and then followed.

“Why didn’t you let me kill him! Why didn’t you kill him?” I questioned upsetly while keeping up with My Grandfather’s pace to the castle.

“I don’t have time to discuss this . .I have to get to the castle before sunrise . . .” faded Macawb.

“You can walk and talk at the same time. Tell me!” I demanded.

“He’s the one that made me a vampire . . .” said Macawb.

“So? What does that have to do with it? He’s evil. He should still be killed!” I exclaimed.

“It has everything to do with it . .I should be a mindless brute obeying his every command. I have a strong enough will to have a life of my own.” explained Macawb.

“But in his presence you protect him and can’t kill him?” I asked figuring out.

“Exactly” sighed Macawb while opening the castle door we were now at. I followed in and looked behind me. Midnight wasn’t there.

“Are you both alright?” asked Angela as she came down the stairs of the foyer. Macawb just nodded.

“Where is Midnight?” I asked, checking if maybe he came in before us. My right arm then started to sting with a faint pain. “Something is wrong . . .” I looked out to the castle courtyard and saw Midnight running as fast as he could at a limping pace. A short distance behind him was several armed men on horseback. I quickly rushed outside with m sword drawn. Macawb tried to grab my arm to stop me but the sun was coming up and he could not step outside the castle doors.

“Cryptic!” I heard Macawb yell as I reached where Midnight was I could see an arrow in his right front leg. The panther then hide behind me as the small group on horseback approached.

“Boy, who does this beast and this land belong to?” asked the head of the armed men on the horse. He was dressed like a head knight in dark blue, appearing to be a type of green feathered bird with a long beak, resembling a humming bird but not talking as fast as one.

“The ‘beast’ is just a panther, its a normal animal from africa. And it does not attack unless attacked first.” I growled about to draw my sword. “And the land here belongs to Macawb Macawber.”

“Can you go fetch your Lord and get him to come out . .we need to discuss something with him. . .” replied the lead man on the horse.

“Lord Macawb wishes for you to be invited into his castle to discuss this misunderstanding.” added a voice behind me. I turned to see Angela there. I knew Macawb had sent her out to disfuse the situation.

“And who are you?” asked the horseman.

“Angela Macawber, Lord Macawb’s wife.” replied Angela. “Your welcome to come to the castle to talk.” I raised an eyebrow and wondered just what my Grandfather had planed.

“Well a man with a wife as beautiful as you must not be that bad.” said the lead man.

I still eyed the men suspiciously as Angela led them to the castle. There was six of them, A vampire and werewolf working together could easily take that with a blink of an eye. But I knew my Grandfather not to be that kind of person. I pulled out the arrow from Midnight and told him to go to the back yard as I went in the castle. Macawb already had the men off their horses and in the living room with drinks in their hands.

“Our Lord’s daughter was attacked and son was killed by a vampire. And in the village here there have been many cases of vampire attacks. The villagers here tell us you may be a vampire . . .” faded the lead man while sipping his drink.

“You must be mistaken . .this castle does look dark and foreboding but you know how villagers are so superstitious . . .” replied Macawb.

“Hmm . .Well . .” The humming bird like knight then pulled out a wooden cross and shaked it in front of Macawb’s face. “Your tricks don’t fool me vampire! HA! burn and go to hell!!!”

Macawb blinked and looked to Angela. Angela shrugged not really knowing how to repond to that either.

“Your not burning up . . .” said the humming bird.

“No I’m not . . . . . “ faded My Grandfather. He then pointed to the gold cross he had on the mantle. “I’m a christian too . .”

The head knight then laughed nervously. “Sorry Lord Macawb . . .My mistake.” replied the head of the group.

“It is alright, it is forgiven, I can understand . . .” retorted My Grandfather.

“But! I have put a sleeping potion in your drink and when you go to sleep my men and I will drag you outside an see if you burn in the sun! Ha ha!.” explained the Humming bird proudly.

“I don’t have a drink . . . .” faded My Grandfather.

“Huh? Then who’s drink did I put-” The head knight then fell to the floor dead asleep.

“That makes my job easier . . .” said Macawb as he then said a spell in latin before the other knights could react they were all asleep. I chuckled softly.

“That was too easy . . .” stated Angela.

“Angel, go get the carriage driver and tell him we have six people for him to drop off in a safe place far in the woods, preferably near the land they are from.” spoke Macawb. Angela nodded and went out towards the back door of the castle.

“Are you sure we should let them go?” I asked. Macawb nodded.

“They won’t remember a thing.” replied My Grandfather. “Good thing it was a small group, any larger I couldn’t handle . . .” I nodded in agreement as Midnight slinked in from the back door

“Are you going to be alright?” I asked my familiar. He nodded his big cat head and laid down in front of the fireplace. I then felt a sudden cold shiver up my back. “That night said that villagers told him that you might be a vampire . .”

“Yes . .” faded Macawb

“What if they think to act on their own . . . .” I suggested.

“They would never . .” started Macawb till there was a loud bang at the door, as if someone was hitting it with a battering ram. My Grandfather then used a few words that should not be repeated as he looked out the small window on one of the doors.

“Too many . . .I can hold them off a short while and you stock up supplies from upstairs to go. . .I know of another castle we can go to . .tell the carriage driver to cover all the windows.” stated Macawb. I nodded and rushed upstairs. We had a pantry up there that we kept all dry goods food in. I don’t know why we had it set up like that but we did. I got the nearest large bag, which was a saddle bag but that didn’t matter. While stuffing the bag with supplies I heard the crack of the door breaking downstairs. I came rushing down the stairs with by sword drawn but couldn’t see. There was a heavy black smoke caused by a fire that had started. I heard Macawb yell something about going upstairs and meeting Angela at their bedroom window. Though my urge was to help fight I went upstairs to the window like I was told. I looked out the window and saw Angela down below in the carriage.

“Jump down!” she called.

“What about Macawb?” I asked.

“He told me he could handle it. Jump!.” I started to get on the window sill to jump but a sudden pain came over me that caused me to uncontrollable back away from the window. I felt like I had been striken by many arrows. I paused and gasped. “Midnight . . . . .” I didn’t pause long as I got back up to the windowsill about to make a leap till I was grabbed by the back of my shirt and yanked back. As if in a dream like state I thought it was My Grandfather, going to tell me that we didn’t have to go, that it was all tooken care of . .but it wasn’t him. It was the armor store owners son. The large muscular walrus threw me to the ground. “It isn’t Macawb that has been attacking the town. There is a vampire under the floorboards of your store!” I yelled as I tried to get up but he hit me down and placed a foot on my stomach so I could not get back up.

“Well, too late to tell the rest of them that . . . .” he faded with a smirk, My heart felt like it sunk to my stomach.

“Wh-what?” I whispered.

“And I know of the vampire already . . .I keep Rene safe during the day and he helps me get rid of competitors at night.” explained the walrus.

“You idiot! Your as bad as him!” I growled.

“You shouldn’t be calling the person that has you pined to the floor an idiot . .no matter . .Bye Bye little vampire halfling. . .” said the walrus as he raised the stake in his hand in the air.

“I’m not a vam-” I started to say as I reached for my sword, then swinging it blindly at his side, He did not move like I expected him too. “-pire halfing . . . .”

The stake came striking down right over my heart, into my heart. Surprisingly I didn’t feel any pain from it. Yet. I still held the sword swinging it across again at the walrus but he had already gotten up out of the way. I tried to sit up but then a sever pain came, not only to my heart but a burning all over my body, as if I was changing. Hotter and Hotter. I tried to scream but nothing came out as my sword slipped from my hands. I noticed a red mist turning blue rising around me. I was frozen and unable to move. When I closed my eyes for a moment I found myself not able to open them again. In the oblivion blackness I realized my life will never be the same from now on.
There will be more, and yes, Darkwing will be in the story much later!