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The Lone Macawber

"To be different is to be more powerful than everyone else"

A Thousand Years Ago
When the ways of magic was new to the world
There was a corruption in a family
That would take a thousand years to be fixed

I came rushing into the mansion. My deep, bright blue hair was drenched by the rain outside. The corridors in the mansion seemed to get narrower and narrower as I ran down to the dining room. The large muscular guard stood in front of the dining room door.

"I need to get in to speak to my father. It's very urgent." I stated with a slight shaking in my voice, if what I heard was true, my father may not be alive past that door. My father and I never really got along, but on the same token, I wouldn't want him dead. The guard silently moved out of the way. I bursted into the room to see my father standing before me. Sitting at the head of the dining table was Rene. Rene was a big jerk, who always wanted to be a part of the Macawber family by marrying my half-sister, Gravea. I hated him, and so did my father. That was the only thing we could agree on. I was much of a surprise that Rene was sitting there in the dining room.

"Your right on time." hissed Rene.

"Father, what is this cursed fool doing here sitting in you chair?" I demanded to know.

"No . . .you are the cursed fool." My Father slowly replied.

"I know we are not on the best of terms but . . . . ." I started to explain myself only to be interrupted by the pompous air bag.

"He's such a unfit son" tisked Rene. "What are you going to do about that? Hmm?"

"He is not my son to begin with." hummed My Father.

"What???" I faded in disbelief.

"Your mother left you in my care, but your not my son by blood." confessed My Father. I saw Rene's sly grin on his beak.

"Rene's put you under a spell! Snap out of it!" I yelled as I grabbed the old man's shoulders and shook him. To my surprise he blasted me with some magic, knocking me into the large glass mirror. I got up quickly with only a few scratches as the broken glass fell around me.

"You told me you loved mother and that I am your son. You are lying now, Rene has done something to you!" I screamed, still in shock that My Father had used his magic against me.

"The only thing Rene has done is help me see clearer." replied My Father. "And now I shall help you see clearer!" He picked up one of the shards of glass from the floor and faced to me so I could see my face, my long blue hair, red eyes, and black beak. "I know that I am not your father, but a demon was.

"NO!" I defended myself.

"But isn't true you can summon them out of hell?" asked Rene as he stood from the chair.

"Yes, I mean NO, Demons are not from hell, they can be good and bad just like us and mortals." I replied softly, the cold look in My Father's eyes go colder.

"But you can easily summon them?" queried my father. I couldn't lie, I was stuck, I felt like I was drowning.

"Yes, I can." I answered against my better judgment.

"You see! He admits it from his own beak! He is a son of a demon and not in this family." growled Rene happily. I knew that THAT wasn't true, I was a Macawber through and though.

"I'm more closely into this family than you!" I retorted angrily as my hands formed fists at my sides.

"Soon I'll be into this family. I'm to marry your former sister." said Rene to my surprise.

"Father! You can't let that happen!" I screamed.

"Now that I don't have a son, I shall marry my daughter of to Rene, since he seems to be a suitable son in law." explained My Father.

"Are you out of you mind?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. calming down for a second I then spoke at a softer tone. "I was told that you were in danger, but I didn't imagine this. . . ."

"And Cryptic, wasn't the message from one of your demons?" asked Rene. How did he know? He was watching me in the woods as I was summoning the demon. But how was he able to watch without me knowing. There was something Rene was hiding too.

"Yes, it was.. . ." I faded.

"Leave this place now! With nothing but the clothes on your back! understand!!!! Now!!!!" yelled My Father.

"But . .We made plans to kill him!" grumbled Rene.

"I want him to be alive . . ." My father then looked directly at me with is black as coal eyes. "Leave now, and never come back!"

"FATHER!" I exclaimed.

"Goliath! Show this half-Demon the door!" My Father yelled to the muscle bond guard. The guard grabbed me by the arms and dragged me out down the long hall and then kicked me out the door into the cold rain. I started to travel down the long road that lead to the small village below. But I realized my odd looks would make me even fit in less with the mortal locals. I sighed inwardly. I looked back at the mansion. Maybe I can walk back, and try to explain things to My Father one more time. I shivered from the cold rain and wrapped my cape around me to keep warm. I turned around to head back to the mansion, only to be blocked by three men on horses that came out of the woods. I knew I was in trouble. I stepped back some in confusion

"I seen to remember your former father excommunicating you from the family." stated a familiar voice. The sound of his voice made me uncontrollably shiver.

"Rene . . ." I faded. I could see a evil grin cross his thin beak even in the dark.

"Guards, I think we need to show this creature the way out of the Macawber's land." commanded Rene. The two guards got off here horses and came towards me. I took it to run now. I ran down the path away from the mansion. Rene was still on horse back and was gaining speed till he snatched me from behind and lifted me to his eye level.

"I bet the demons didn't prophetizes this happening to ye." Rene smirked as he then threw me hard upon the ground. "Your nothing now!" he yelled as he got off his horse. I quickly got up and wiped what blood dripped from my beak because of the fall.

"At least I'm more that you." I cried as I jolted my arms in front of me, causing a blast of red light hit Rene. He shielded his eyes with his arm and recovered from the blast quickly.

"The little you know about magic won't help you." laughed Rene as he pushed back his rich blonde hair with pride. "I hated your whole family, but now I just hate you, you half demon bast . ." I rammed into him. I never really learned how to fight or punch, ramming into him was the only thing I could think of. The rain started to pour down harder. I had knocked Rene to the ground, just as the two large guards caught up to us. On guard hit me over the head with the handle of his sword. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground. I heard Rene's nasty laugh. I tried to get up but was only kicked in the stomach by Rene.

"You dirtied my new suit." said Rene as he dusted himself off. I on the other hand was almost drowning in a mud puddle. "You know, I didn't put a spell on your former father. I just thought you should know that your father naturally hates you. I just played on that."

"You won't get away with this. . . ." I breathed hoarsely. Rene kicked me again, really hard. I was pretty lucky he wasn't wearing his steel toed boots today.

"Why don't you just bite him and get it over with master?" I heard one of the guards whisper to Rene.

"Because he doesn't deserve to be like us." replied Rene quietly, not knowing I could hear. My head was throbbing to hard to think of what they were speaking of. I tried to at least sit up till Rene kicked me down right in the face.

"Nice boots . ." I mumbled. I wasn't going to let him know he was winning, and that I was in pain. "But is it really right to steal boots from old ladies?" I insulted. Of course Rene kicked me again.

"So, what are we going to do to him?" asked one of the guards.

"The same thing we did to his mother." replied Rene to my surprise. I didn't have time to think before a hard blow hit my head, causing the cold darkness of unconsciousness to swallow me.
I woke up. I blinked my eyes a few times till they came into focus. I found myself tied to a pole standing in front of a cave. I quickly looked around to find Rene and his henchmen gone. When I looked back to the mouth of the cave. I saw two glowing yellow eyes in the darkness.

"Oh oh . . ." I gasped as a large green dragon came into view. It reared its head an then lowered it to sniff me. I struggled at the ropes to get free to no avail. The dragon barred itąs sharp teeth at me. Then I remembered that I had a fear of dragons. "HELP!!! ANYONE!!!" I screamed. The dragon tilted it's head at then raised a claw to my neck. "Stay perfectly still" A voice whispered behind me as I felt the ropes being undone. "W-wh- who . ." I studdered wondering who was helping me.

"Be quiet too." he faded. I looked back up at the dragon who took her claw off my throat and sniffed me again.

"She doesn't find you to be edible." the stranger chuckled and my hands were free of the ropes.

"Now turn around slowly son." he said. I know the voice wasnąt my fatherąs, but it was common for older men to call younger boys son thought there was no relation. I turned around to see a male white duck. He had dark circles around his eyes, looking like of menacing, but he had soft blue eyes that showed his kindness inside. His hair color was exactly that of my fathers, black with a red highlight. I didnąt know what to make of that. His eyes looked back to the dragon. "We need to get out of here now before she gets mad." Without questioning he lifted me onto the back of a big black stallion. He got on himself right in front of me. "Hold on tight lad"

I held on to the sides of the saddle. Next thing I knew we were going at a blazing speed that even my father's fastest horse couldnąt do. The woods got thicker and thicker as we rode. I shivered partly in fear and partly in coldness as the forest seemed to swallow us in its darkness. Finally the lights of torches could be seen on a nearby castle. The stranger got of the horse and helped me down. I followed him as he walked to the door of the castle.

"What happened?" he asked casually as he worked on opening the castle door with a unusual brass key. I failed to respond to the question. I was in a bit of shock of what had happened in the last few hours. I just kinda pathetically looked up at him, still rain drenched, probably looking like a drown rat.

"How old are you son?" he asked as the door to the castle opened and he entered. I obediently followed.

"12." I answered as I looked around the entry room of the castle.

"Right after I let the my dogs out I'll take you to your home. Where you live?" he questioned. I just shook my head.

Shook my head
shook my head again
"Your too young to be outcast . .um?"
I nodded slowly
"What family?"
"Macawber" I retorted. He looked at me. If he was surprised I couldnąt tell.
"Why?" he asked.
"Because they think I'm half demon" I responded shamefully. He patted me on the head fatherly.
"You can stay here." he said warmly. I blinked up him confusedly as to why he would care about a child that was probably half demon. "What's your name?"

"Cryptic." I answered

"I'm Macawb Macawber. . .starter of the Macawber name, And don't worry about being half demon kiddo, I'm a vampire. I was outcast to. . .many centuries ago."
By the end of the week I was calling him Grandpa. He was a vampire that had been alive since the times when people didnąt have last names. Back when they were first making them. Like if a person was a Blacksmith they took the name Smith. Or if they lived on a Hill they took the last name Hillton. Or if they were the son of man named Rob they took the last name Robson. So Macawb started Macawber. He also explained why our family was so differnt. All his sonąs and daughterąs were born before he became a vampire, but he still raised them in the strange ways of vampires. He also had them learn magic, in hopes that one could cure him of his vampireness. But then one night he killed his wife and 7 of their 12 kids, Which he didnąt mean to do. What happened is a vampire can control there hunger for blood, but every 1000 years there is a red moon, and then they have no control. And thatąs how he got exile from the Macawber family.

Two years went by very fast. He taught me to fight with the sword and helped me to find out if I was a half demon or not. I knew I wasnąt, that I couldnąt be half demon. But Macawb still insisted of me finding out the truth for sure.

Macawb sat with a big spell book in front of him while I sat across from him in the small sofa in the large living room. The fire in the firplace cracked loudly as Macawb silently read to himself.

"The book says here that demonąs have blue blood. ."Macawb said as he raised an inquizative eyebrow my way.

"My blood is red. . ." I faded.

"Most demons have retractable claws the size of a jungle cats" quoted Macawb from the book.

"Nay, do not have that." I replied.

"Tears that are precious stones, usally rubies or diamonds?" asked Macawb. "If that were true I would be very rich now . . ." I answered solmly. Macawb looked up from his book and looked at me with a compasionate understanding. "It's time for you to go to bed Grandson." stated Macawb as he closed his book.

"You just had a gift to summon demons, and it was wrong for you father to outcast you for that."
I nodded in reply.
"Now, off to bed with ye . .get, get. now, upstairs."

Grandpa Macawber's Castle stood on a large hill surrounded by woods. At the foot of the hill a distance away was a small village. Once week Grandpa would get dressed up in his best clothes and go down there right after sunset before the stores closed to get things. I never really knew exactly what he got, since we did have a large garden and small barn with animals that had enough fruit, vegetables,eggs, milk and meat.

One night he decided to take me with to my surprise. I had to get dressed up though. Something I wasn't thrilled about. A carriage came up to the gate of the castle. The driver was in a black cloak, a hunched over old man. I was surprised we were able to get a carriage to take us down to town. Grandpa Macawber had always given me the impression that villagers were suspicious of him, and did there best to avoid him.

I then noticed then we came into town, everyone shut their doors and closed the shutters as the horses that pulled our carrige hoof steps could be heard in the distance.

"Who's the carriage driver?" I asked curiously.

"A poor peasant, I pay him three times as much than a normal carriage driver . . " stated Grandpa. "Everyone has their price, money is the easiest one to pay though"

I just nodded, not really understanding fully. The carriage came up to the door of what I saw to be a large ornate house. It was made out of a tan brick with a structure coming out of the roof that held a bell inside. THe bell right then began to ring as I looked up the stairs of the building to the doors and windows. THe windows were all different colored patchwork. Right above the doors was a gold cross.

"Um, Grandpa? is that safe for you to be near?" I whispered to him. He nodded in return.

"It only effects natural born vampires, not made." he whispered back. I blinked, finding that quite odd. Grandpa Macawber then started up the steps of the building as some other people were coming into there also. I stared up at the building again and followed.

"I thought we were going to the stores. Why are we here?" I whined as only a young adolescent boy could. Grandpa opened the door to the building as I followed waiting for an answer. A cold but not unpleasant chill hit my spine as my jaw dropped in awe of the place. There was oak wood benches lined up in aisles filling the place. Each side of the benches was incrusted with a small gold cross. The ceiling came to a dome that had all different pictures painted on it of people from the olden days of 1,000 years or more ago. Ahead of me was a alter of oak wood lined with gold. A small marble stair case rised up to there.

Grandfather snapped me out of my daze as he tugged at my shirt. He already sat in the last bench in the back of the church. I sat down obediently next to him.

"What is this place? " I asked softly.

"You've never been to church before?" questioned Grandpa. I shook my head "We're only be here for two hours and then we'll go to the stores." finished Grandfather.
"Now, did you learn anything from that?" asked my Grandfather over the sound of the ringing bells as we went down the church stairs.

"Yeah . . not to fall asleep on a wooden bench while sitting up . . " I replied.

"Hey . . " Grandpa lightly gave me a whap on the head. I retorted by sticking out my tongue at him. "I'm going to start to bring you more often. I've been making you into a anti- social hermit . ."

"I'm . .social . . . ." I protested.

"To Whom?" asked Grandpa.

"To well . .to spiders and snakes and whatever else creeps around near the castle . .but still!" I replied.

"Uh-huh. I inroled you in an apprentice program in town." said Grandpa.

"What?" I whined. "But I-" My sentance was cut off when a brown haired female goose came up behind Grandpa and put her arms around him.

"Guess Who . . " She whispered as her purple eyes sparkled. I blinked a few times.

"Angela?" replied Grandpa as he whirled around to look in the woman's eyes.

"Yessums" answered Angela

"I thought your father sent you off to live with your grandmother." stuttered Grandpa.

"Oh, you wanted to get rid of me?" retorted Angela with a raise eyebrow.

"No no no no no! Of course not M'lady, I'm happy to see you, how are you? How did you talk your father out of it?"

"I'm fine, and my grandma died." replied Angela with a smile.

"Oh . . .I'm sorry . ." apologized Grandpa.

"No really, it's alright, I would of done it myself if old age didn't beat me to it. " Angel returned. My Grandpa and I both blinked at her in surprised at the same time. "I'm not serious . .though my Grandma and I never got along . .so who is the boy with you?" asked Angela.

"What boy?" said Grandpa as he got lost in Angela's purple eyes. I crossed my arms and cleared my throat. "Oh, Cryptic, this is Angela, Angela this is my Grandson Cryptic."

"Oh! this is the lad you mentioned a while ago. Hello Cryptic, pleased to meet you."

I just nodded. "Pleased to meet you too M'lady, My Grandfather has said many wonderful things about you." I said as Grandpa gave me a look, since he never had mentioned Angela.

"Oh really?" questioned Angela as she smiled up at Grandpa. He smiled in return, not knowing what to say.

"Um Yes er . .I and Cryptic have some things to do . .afterwards want to come over, To the castle?" asked Grandpa. As if by cue the castes personal cloud began to rain and lighting up there. Grandpa chuckled nervously.

"Alright," replied Angela "Can you pick me up at the back of my fathers cornfield?" Grandpa nodded vigorously. "I'll be waiting . . " she faded as she walked off. Grandpa watched her as she left.

"Grandpa? Er . .Grandpa?" I waved my hand in front of his face. "GRANDFATHER!"

"Oh huh . .Yeah . .first lets go to the armory and then to the docks to pick up a shipment." stammered out Grandpa.

"Uh-huh . .and whats the point of being in love if it makes you incoherent?" I asked, being able to notice what was going on.

"Tonight . . ." My Grandfather sputtered.

"What?!?" I exclaimed

"Huh? Nothing! Your going to bed eariler tonight, lets hurry to pick up these items . ." Grandpa said as he started to walk to the armory.
The little bell at the door rung as we entered the store. There was swords and armor on the shelves and holders on the walls. A warus was behind the counter with his head reasted on his folded arms half asleep.

"Um, sir . ." faded Grandpa as he poke the sleeping store owner lightly on the shoulder.

"What? Ack You!" exclaimed the store owner as he woke up.

"Yes . ." replied Grandpa to the store owner's reaction to him. I looked up gazing at the swords to listen in on My Grandpa's and the store owner's conversation.

"I'm here to see the beginner's swords from my grandson here." My Grandfather gestured to me.

"Oh, They're on the wall over there." said the store owner as he pointed to the rack on the far wall.

"You're buying me a sword?!?!" I exclaimed happily.

"And some armor." added Grandfather.

"Oh great!" I said as I looked over the beginner's swords till I saw one that stood out. The blade of the sword was a pale copper which was used on beginner's swords because it was much lighter than iron. The handle was silver, as so was the point of the blade. The handle was plan and simple, with a black smooth stone on the top of the hilt. I pulled the sword out of the fack and held it tightly with both hands. "I like this one!" I stated. Grandfather then turned to the store owner.

"Does this sword have matching beginner's armor?" asked Grandfather. The store clerk nodded while getting something from a shelf behind him down. It was a box revealing a small chest armor plate that was silver like the hilt of the sword but rimmed with copper. It was the size to cover just the heart side of the chest. It hade two belt like straps attached to it. One buckled right around under the armor, the other was a shoulder strap that buckled in the back to the first strap, to hold the armor place right over the person's heart. There was also armor knee and shoulder plates that also strapped on by a belt like straps. There was also wrist cuffs that snapped on.

"Wow . . " I said softly.

"Like it?" asked Grandpa. I nodded vigorusly. Grandpa then looked to the store owner.

"How much for all of it?" my Grandfather asked the store owner. My attentions were turned away from them as I took a few pratice swings with my sword. I loked the feel of that weapon, I decided then no matter what the sword would always be my weapon.

"Come on, lets go Cryptic." spoke my Grandfather after haggling and paying the store owner's price."We have one more stop to go." He then closed the case the armor was in and picked it up by the handle. I slide the sword on my belt.

"Where are we going now?" I questioned excitedly hoping it was more items for me.

"To the docks to pick something up . . " My Grandfather stated.

The carrage ride to the docks was shorter than I thought. My young imagination always thought the docks were on the other side of the earth, probably right at the end of it where some boats could fall off.

When we arrived there my Grandfather took me straight to the place to pick up incoming shipments. I knew he had ordered me something from a far off land. Maybe something from India, France, or Spain. I then looked down at the small crate with several holes in it that I had just seen my Grandfather pay a lot for.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Open it and find out" My Grandfather said with a smile on his face. I pryed at the crates lid till it popped open. I looked in the crate to find two light orange eyes staring back at me. The animal in the box was about the size of a small dog, yet it had the appearnce to be a baby. I picked up the bog kitten like animal with both hands not totally sure of what it was. The largest cats around here were bobcats, and I hadn't even seen one of those. This wasn't a bobcat though. It was sleak black fured and built to someday be large and muscular.

"It's a panther. They're from forests far away from here. "said Grandpa as his voice then went to a whisper. "He's to be your first familar, I always believed a child's first familur should be chose for them, and they're second and last familar chooses the child." explained Grandpa. The panther gave a loud purr of agreement.

There will be more, and yes, Darkwing will be in the story much later!

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