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The Story

Imaginative title, No? ~: )

"I was born hallucinating. Left forever orphaned. Left to wander. Waiting. Wondering. Ready for the next disaster."
~Toxic Gumbo

"Mom!!!!!!!!" I screamed down the empty halls under The Pond. "Mom!!!!!!"

"What is it dear?," Tanya asked as she poked her head out of the doorway to the lab.

"Do you know where dad is? We were supposed to practice today." I said, hoping I wouldn't get the answer I expected.

"He and the others are out fighting Dragaunus." replied my mom. That was the answer I didn't want.

"Aw Man!" I exclaimed much like my Uncle Nosedive. " So, Why aren't you out fighting with them?"

"I have to do some tests on an mechanical ob, obj- obje- thing that Dragaunus left in Anaheim park." replied Tanya.

"Can I come? Please, Please, Please?" I begged as I fell to my white feathered knees.

"I don't know . . . .Saurians may show up . . ." faded Tanya as she gave me one of her 'I'm in deep thought' looks.

"PLEASE! You already made me battle armor! PLEASE!!!!!!!!" I whinnied and then gave my mom sad puppy eyes.

"I think your toa young." responded Tanya.

"But Uncle Dive was sixteen when he started fighting." I whinnied some more. My mom rolled her eyes behind the pink glasses.

"Yeah, and look how he turned out." she sighed. "And your only fifteen."

"Sixteen in a month. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!" I begged, finally getting my mother to the breaking point.

"O.K, But stick close ta me!!!" Tanya commanded.

"Yes!" I shouted happily. Tanya when into the lab to get something. I waited patently.

"Here," said my mom as she handed me a communicator, much like the one I already had since I was six. "This one has your battle armor saved onta it so youse can transform."

"Thanks Mom!" I replied as I hurriedly took off my old communicator and put on the new one. I was then unexpectedly hit with a hug from my mom.

"Oh!! Your growing up! Pretty soon your be driving a duckcycle all by yourself like a big boy." spoke my mom. She had overactive emotions. I had gotten used to it, but I don't think Dad ever did. She hugged me to the point I thought my eyes were going to explode out of my head.

"O.K Mom," I stated in a hoarse voice. "I've had enough affection to last me a month." Tanya then released me from the hug and I was able to breath once more.

"We, let's go to the park before it gets dark." verbalized Tanya. Yes, verbalized is a word.

"Hey! That rhymed!" I noticed.

"And I wasn't even trying." stated my mom with fake surprise.

We went to Anaheim park where the machine Dragaunus left was. It was twice as tall as Grin. The red metal was much like the Raptor's. I looked at the towering object as my mom opened a panel in it with the screwdriver in her omni tool. I just stood around, and then childishly kept transforming and untransforming just to see the little glow that surrounds me when I turn into battle mode.

"Blazewing! Stop that!" yelled Tanya at me. "You'll attract attention."

"And you think yelling won't attract att- att- attention?" I studded. I didn't really have my mother's speech impediment, but every once and awhile it sneaks up on me.

"Oh, Well, com'en help me instead of standing 'round." my Mom said at a softer tone. I trudged over to her slowly.

"But you know this stuff more than I do. . . ." I replied.

"Tell me what type of circuit is this?" My Mom pointed in the machine to some wires and plastic.

"You know what type of circuit that is." I stated.

"I wan'ta see if youse know." replied Tanya.

"It's a Transdental-x circuit put in most timer set bombs. . . ." I faded. I'm really not the type that likes to show off my intelligence. I just don't like the people around me to feel dumb. Of course I never had to worry about that around my mom, but it still made me feel uncomfortable.

"Right! Now while I look at this, you look for a timing device." commanded Tanya.

"Yes Mam" I saluted Tanya as if I was in the army. It got a smile out of her as I then walked around the large device slowly to look for anything that showed a time on it. I saw that there was a small screen on the machine high above. It was too far away to see the time on the screen. I decided to climb a nearby tree to see the screen. Half way up the tree I could see the number on the screen. I might be farsided like my mom, but there is no way in heck I'm wearing glasses. The screen said 2.00.00, and the numbers were not moving. I started to climb down to tell my mom but then I was literally shaken down from the tree. I landed on my back and looked up to see Wraith right above me.

"Looks like the little duckling has finally flied out of the nest." mocked Wraith. He wasn't looking at me when he spoke, but at Tanya, who was being held by Siege.

"Don't youse hurt him!" My mom struggled in Siege's grasp.I moved my fingers on my right hand, which was armored much like my father's. I then shot a puck at Siege from my armored arm, which surprised him and he let go of My mom. Tanya quickly shot at Wraith so I had time to get up. Siege gained his balance and then pulled out a ray gun to shot at my mother. I quickly turned on the shield on my armor and ran up to block the blast that went towards my mother. But then Wraith tripped me with his staff.

"NnnoOOOOOOO!" I cried as the shot was going to make a direct hit.

That's all for now!