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Name: Anubis Elvis Anpu
Gender: Male
Age: looks to be late 20's early 30's, is about 5000
Affiliation: Good . . .er . .I take that back, he has his moments . .
'Normal' Form: The has brown fur and black hair. His hair can be up in any most style that appeals to him at the time. His eyes are bright green eyes. He could be mistaken for a dog species if it wasn't for his larger jackal ears he could probably hear a pin drop with from the other room. He has three piecing in each ear but usually only wears one in one ear. His fur is less sleeker than most jackals, taking a more fuzzy form. He is built muscular but not overly so.

Demon Form: Anubis was born looking mortal but being full demon. This is not a rare assurance, if this does happen the demon child developes a demon form in his or her adolescence. His strongest demon form he developed when he turned a thousand years old. He can change into a large at least seven foot humanoid green wolf strongly built in muscle. This is a powerful form for phyicial fights. However his healing powers are dampened by this form he likes to call "Lord of the Ankh" Also in this form he has a third eye which is kept closed in the middle of his forehead. The function of this eye is unknown.

Disguising Marks: Anubis has a tattoo of an Ankh with feather wings on this chest. Around one arm is hiedraphyics that spell "Eternal". Around his belly button is hiedraphyics that say "Made in Egypt". He also has several other small tattoos of symbols here and here, Yin-Yangs, Pentagrams, Small Ankh, Pyramid, Ect.) Surprisingly for how old he is he has no scars from battle.

Attire: Blue jeans and a white T-shirt usually work for him. Though for battle he goes all out in Egyptian clothes and armor.

Weaponry: I He often uses the whip and a spear, though his sword skills are also good but not as reliable as his aim with a spear.

Accent: He has a soft Egyptian accent that is strangely enough often mistaken for a european accent. He did spend most his life after egypt in Europe but he never really clung to that accent. He can speak very good egyptian though it is a dead language.

Most likely voice actor: Duo from Gundam Wing for when hes a teenage. Elvis at one point :) and now Jeff Goldblum.

Most likely singing voice actor: Elvis, Bono of U2.

Personality: He has a unusually big ego for a demon, but at the same time he isn't self centered. He is very helpful sort when it comes to healing for wars one moment, and then be rebel without a cause the next. .

Motivations: To help Cryptic with reclaiming all of the Demon-verse and beating up annoying Greek demons who actually think they are gods (A.K.A. Zeus)

History: Working on it!

Likes: 1969 red Firebird, Mersades, Cryptic, Annelle, his familiar Ammit, Anything Egyptian, Kids, and life in general

Dislikes: Those annoying Greek demons and elevator music.

None Yet

Said of Him: None yet

Other: Being a perfect blend of in a life and death demon if he can survive another hundred years he will be the first and probably only demon to hit invincibility.

Theme Songs:
Anything Elvis
Selling the Drama- Live
You're A God- Vertical Horizan
And more to come.